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Immerse yourself in an enchanting collage of coastal life and history. Rhythmic waves, high dunes, ancient maritime forests, historic landmarks and glimpses of wildlife, Fire Island has been a special place for diverse plants, animals and people for centuries. Far from the pressure of nearby big-city life, dynamic barrier island beaches offer both solitude and camaraderie, and spiritual renewal(NPS).

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First and foremost, Fire Island is renowned for its breathtaking beaches, vibrant communities, and tranquil environment. Our General Info page offers insights into the island’s history, wildlife, and recreational activities. Discover why Fire Island is a beloved destination for both residents and visitors, and explore the diverse attractions that make this island truly special.

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Servicing Fire Island



Local carting and junk removal Dylan Wallace – 917-575-5251
Spoons – 631-583-7271
Peter Brenan – 631-583-9322


Sunshine Cleaning 631-767-4386
Natalia 631-882-8808


Pest Pro – 631-583-0300


Bike Repairs & Rentals- Beach Chairs- BBQ -Propane- Screens etc
Steve – 631-583-5826


Peter Brenan – 631-583-9322


Pond Road South Self Storage 631-218-4747

Yard Clean Up

Dylan Wallace 917-575-5251





  • Healing Waters 631-583-8051



Move in information


On Move-In Day, we will try to be in the office but sometimes we are helping other tenants. There will be a Move-In Packet at the office. Please proceed to our office at 481 Bayberry. Click here for directions.

If you are fully paid, you will see a Move-In Packet hanging outside the office with your name and the name of the owner on it. If the house has a wagon, the combo will be in the Move-In Packet, as well as some other helpful information.

Also, please inquire about cleaning services as it is the tenant’s responsibility to have the house cleaned when vacated.


The house will be professionally cleaned before the move in day. The house should be left the same way when the tenant moves out. For cleaning services during your stay, stop into the office for some referrals.

If the cleaning crew is still on-site when you arrive, please be considerate and keep your luggage and belongs in one area so the crew can finish.


Please review the following trash rules and pick up times below. Please have trash in plastic bags inside closed trash containers outside the property for pick up. Please note that deer and wildlife are drawn to trash so please make sure it is tightly secured from curious creatures.

Ocean Beach

Trash pick up is Wednesday and Sunday evenings.  Ocean Beach recycles newspapers, plastics and metals. Please have metals and plastics in a separate closed containers. The newspapers should be bundled together.

Corneille Estates

Trash pick up is Sunday and Thursday evenings. Corneille Estates recycles newspapers, plastics and metals. Please have metals and plastics in a separate closed containers. The newspapers should be bundled together.


Coming Soon! Seaview recycles newspapers, plastics and metals. Please have metals and plastics in a separate closed containers. The newspapers should be bundled together.


To have the power/ utilities/ phone put into the tenants name:


Make sure if you are the home owner, you have called L.I.P.A and or Verizon and given permission for your tenants to put the utilities into their names. This call should be made a few weeks before move in day, and is necessary for the utilities to be switched over.


Call L.I.P.A and or Verizon about a week before move in day. When you call, have the address or street name that you house is on as well as the last name of the owner, you have all this info on your lease, then, give them your billing information, and that’s it! This is a simple phone call the tenant must make about a week before move in day.



Fire Island’s maritime history precedes colonization of Long Island. Native Americans hunted and fished in the vicinity long before Colonial settlements were established. The economy and life patterns of residents have centered around the Great South Bay and Fire Island since the area was first settled.

The whaling industry, the era of the U. S. Life Saving Service, shipwrecks, habitation of the island, and the local fishing industry are some of the stories you may learn about at the Fire Island Lighthouse.

There is a long heritage of waterfowl hunting and shellfishing on the Great South Bay.


Seventeen communities had been developed on Fire Island before the establishment of the park. When Fire Island National Seashore was established in 1964, its enabling stated that these communities would be allowed to remain. The main communities to rent or buy each with its own charm, are Ocean Beach, Summer Club, Seaview, Ocean Bay Park, Corneille Estates, Robbins Rest and Atlantique.


The Beaches

Fire Island beaches are some of the best on Long Island, they are a gem and any visitor is recommended to enjoy them while they are on Fire Island. Ocean Beach is a popular spot on Fire island. It is known to have white sand, bay views and it is close to shopping and easy access for lunch, dinner or drinks. Boogie boarding and surfing are also great fun if you want to enjoy the surf and sun, and we provide the most up to date surf and swell information so please regularly look out for the current conditions.


Biking on Fire Island is a fun activity, as there are trails and flora and fauna to see all over. Bikes with fat tires are recommended to navigate the sandy areas. Though you can rent a bike if you wanted to bring your own bike know it is prohibited by some ferries or requires a fee on others. There are also many places along the trails where bikes are available for rent. Either way, you will enjoy the biking to see the many Places to Go on FIre Island, of which you can check out some of them below.


Ocean Beach
Albatross, 320 Bay Walk, 631-583-5697
CJ’s, 479 Bay Ave., 631-583-9890
Maguire’s, 1 Bungalow Ln., 631-583-8800
Rachel’s, 325 Bay Walk, 631-583-9552

Ocean Bay Park
Flynn’s, 1 Cayuga St., 631-583-5000

Blue Whale, Harbor Walk, 631-597-6500
Pantry, 57 Picketty Ruff Walk, 631-597-6200

Cherry Grove
Floyd’s, 156 Bayview Walk
Sand Castle, 106 Lewis Walk, 631-597-4174
Top of the Bay, 159 Dock Walk, 631-597-6028

Fair Harbor
Le Dock, 62 Bay Walk, 631-583-5200


Fire Island Lighthouse
The lighthouse on Fire Island can be seen from the ferry ride over to the Island. Climb to the top of the tower or spend an afternoon exploring exhibits on Fire Island’s maritime history. See the First-order Fresnel Lens, meander along the boardwalks to the historic boathouse and bay, or enjoy sand and surf on the beach. Be sure to look for art shows and workshops and other programs when planning your visit. It is the tallest lighthouse on Long Island. You can see the New York City skyline from the top of the tower.

William Floyd Estate
The National Seashore on Fire Island also includes the ancestral home of one of New York’s four signers of the Declaration of Independence: the William Floyd Estate. Here you may learn about 250 years of family history, including the family, the land, and the house – and how it evolved through the centuries.

Sunken Forest
Fire Island’s Sunken Forest is a rare ecological community. This type of maritime holly forest is found behind well-established sand dunes along the Atlantic coast from New Jersey to Massachusetts. According to the New York Natural Heritage Program, the Sunken Forest was ranked as “globally rare,” meaning there are few remaining occurrences of this assemblage of plants throughout the world.

Today you can easily visit and explore this rare habitat from May to October, when ferries run from Sayville on Long Island to Sailors Haven. Throughout the year you may stroll along the boardwalk, although facilities (restrooms) and other services are not available when ferry service is not operating.

Watch Hill
Discover Fire Island’s most extensive salt marsh, the beauty of the barrier island’s beaches and dunes, and the solitude of a seaside wilderness at this National Park Service site.

Watch Hill is located on the western edge of the Otis Pike Fire Island High Dune Wilderness, directly across the Great South Bay from Patchogue, Long Island. It is accessible by Watch Hill Ferry, private boat, and foot only.

From May to mid-October, the Watch Hill area offers a visitor center, family campground, ranger-led interpretive programs (including guided canoe trips), a 175-slip transient marina with water, electric, and pump-out station; a small convenience store, snack bar, self-guiding nature trail, picnic area, lifeguarded beach (summer only), restrooms, bathhouse, and pay phones.

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